What is a Rating?

What is a Real Estate Rating

VELTIS SpainA Rating or Real Estate Rating is an opinion related to the real estate reliability of an asset or portfolios of real estate assets, issued using an established and defined rating system, which provides transparency and confidence to the international and national operators of the sector. 

Real estate markets must be efficient and equitable for all of their participants. Real estate rating agencies play an important informational role in these markets. VELTIS Rating provides opinions in the form of real estate ratings, and related research on reliability that an asset or portfolio of real estate asset can provide as an investment. Our real estate ratings are forward looking opinions, that seek to measure relative real estate loss, that is, they predict the feasibility of failure in expected return on a real estate asset and the estimated severity of the loss in case of default with the variables related to the asset.

Given the information currently available to real estate operators, VELTIS helps the operators in the sector, to filter the information and analyse the risks and real estate opportunities they face, when buying real estate assets. VELTIS makes its real estate qualifications available to operators in a global, contemporary and public way.