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VELTIS and one of the leading magazines of the Spanish real estate sector THGE REAL ESTATE OBSERVATORY (El OBSERVATORIO INMOBILIARIO), come to a collaboration agreement, publishing VELTIS as the First European Real Estate Rating Agency, in all its magazines a particular article, on Risks and Real Estate Rating, and organising two management days per year, for the managers of the main sector companies.

With the collaboration of the training program “REAL ESTATE & BUILDING RISK MANAGEMENT” of the TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MADRIID jointly imparted by the Higher Technical School of Architecture and Building and by the European Institute of Real Estate Risk Management. In addition to entities of recognised prestige, related to the real estate sector.

>Directive Conferences:


 Programa Jornada Riesgos           El promotor ante el riesgo inmobiliario




 Portada Observatorio Inmobiliario septiembre octubre  Inmodiario Noviembre Diciembre  Inmodiario enero febrero 2017

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