>Meeting Point, The Real Estate Sector: Would there be a second Chance?

Polytechnic University of Madrid brings together six of the most relevant persons from the property sector, to respond the following questions: do we need to change the production model? would it be a solution to change the approach in the real estate sector management? is it possible to face a sustainable growth without the real estate sector?, or who the new executives and players of the property sector be?.

EIREA Corporation, is between them, one of the key players in the recovery of the sector.

Punto de Encuentro UPM

>Closing RISK©MANAGEMENT Tenerife 2016

VELTIS Rating already has another operational delegation in Spain, the Canary Islands.

Last July 28, completed the internal training of the First European Rating Agency Veltis Rating, the new RISK®Management of the delegation of the Canary Islands.

Cena clausura


"Since I finished my studies, in the 90's, I have always worked as an employee in the construccion sector and Ican give my word that I had never heard of property risk analizing when working with assets.Ever since I got trained to be a property risk analyst and manager, I don't understand why would you do it the other way,and of course,I do want now to belong to this pioneer group that makes it know nationally and internationally what is it this prroperty DNA associated with an asset".
Mónica Serrano, Technical Architect
"The knowledge gained  through the certification process of RISK©Management, enabled to approach the real estate business from a different perspective, closer to reality. From now on, we will be able to value any property asset, based on risks associated to it.
Moreover, we have met great professionals,within the students, as well as teachers.Together, we will give a shift to our professional carreers,"
Rubén Rojas, Building Engineer



>Closing RISK©MANAGEMENT Valladolid

VELTIS Rating already has another operating delegation in Spain, Castilla y Leon.

Last July 22, completed the internal training of the First European Rating Agency VELTIS Rating the new RISK®Management of the delegation of Castilla - Leon.

Cena Clausura Valladolid



"To understand something that complex as the real estate sector, it is necessary to analyse carefully all the variables involved. The European Institute carries out a carefull analysis of up to hundred of such factors to then develop a synthesis from the risk point of view desde."

"By doing the acreditacion you get the unic vision of the real estate sector. It opens your eyes to the internal operation of the sector and that the interventions similar a priori could lead to different results (including one suceeds and the other fails), how the diffrent variables affect. If you want to acquire a deeper understanding of the sector and be able to structure your decisions (investments, etc), it is clearly, essential. It is a clear method to bring transparency to the sector through the information. In spite of being a relatively new area of knowledge, there is no doubt, that it's got a bright future ahead." David G. Moro

>VELTIS Rating extends its branch network

Source: www.observatorioinmobiliario.es 

VELTIS Rating progress in extending its branch network in Spain and in the training of analysts, certified with the Accreditation of "RISK©Certificate Manager".

Is recruiting professionals to join the network of analysts of the first European agency of property rating and risk management.

VELTIS Rating, a first European agency of property rating, specialised in the definition of risk structure associated with a real estate asset, is developing its branch network throughout Spain, in order to provide the current and future sector operators the unique services developed by the agency. To do this, they are recruiting professionals for their regional delegations who would join the first European agency of property rating and risk management.

VELTIS Rating already has operating branches, as well as those in the opening process in Madrid, Asturias, Basque country, Castilla y León and Canary Islands, moreover there is a selection process being finalised in Mallorca and Barcelona. For 2017 are expected to be opened delegations in Galicia, Navarra, La Rioja, Murcia, Extremadura, Cantabria and Castilla La Mancha.

[Read more]


Barcelona Meeting Point

European Institute and Veltis participate in the 20th edition of the Meeting Point of Barcelona on October 20, with the conference: "The Risk. The great unknown in the real estate sector."

Meeting Point




>Closing RISK©MANAGEMENT Sevilla 2017

VELTIS Rating already has another operating delegation in Spain, Andalusía.

On the day 10 of the last months in Sevilla, completed the internal training of the First European Rating Agency VELTIS Rating, the new RISK®Management of the delegation of Andalusía.

Cena final


>The developer before Real Estate Risk

On March 30th, we participate in Madrid the Directive Day "The developer before the real estate risk".

The objective of the day is for the developer to know the structure of real estate risks and its linked Rating, which may affect the return on investment during the development and commercialisation of a property development.

Organised together with the Real Estate Observatory, we have a panel of experts who will guide you through this new field of knowledge essential in the real estate sector today.

You can consult the complete program of the Day, by clicking on the image:

El promotor ante el riesgo inmobiliario

Risk, the competitive key of the new real estate sector

Day organised by Real Estate Observatory and Veltis Rating, directed to the decision makers of real estate investment

Source: observatorioinmobiliario.es

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10th of november of 2016.


Programa Jornada Riesgos

Any sector of the economy, including real estate, can only be understood and mastered if it is analysed from the point of view of risk. For this reason, Real Estate Observatory, together with VELTIS Rating, the first European real estate rating agency has organised Jornada Directiva “The Risk: the competitive key of the new real estate sector”, to be held on November 30 in Madrid.


This is an absolutely pioneering initiative, aimed at managers and analysts who make daily investment decisions in the real estate sector, whether in projects, assets, portfolios or partnerships.


With this day, it is intented to to contribute to the real estate sector, one of the most opaque, knowledge and transparency based on risk. To do this, the participants will be explained how to analyse a real estate asset from a risk point of view, how to determine its risk structure (Real Estate DNA), or how to objectively obtain the optimal use (Optimised DNA), which will be the one that has a better commensurability between profitability and risk.


Those attending this Meeting will also know how to determine the Real Estate Rating - the only tool capable of relating the risks linked to investments in bonds, shares, funds, etc. with that related to investments in assets or portfolios of real estate assets.

The Meeting will have as speakers a panel of experts in this new field of knowledge essential in the real estate sector today.

El Riesgo como clave competitiva del sector inmobiliario

Will speak: Javier Amenedo, CEO of Veltis Rating; Ricardo Antuña García, director of European Institute of Real Estate Risk Management and doctor in Property Risks; Sergio Vega, Senior Lecturer at the School of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and coordinator of the Real Estate & Building Risk Managemet Program; José Manuel Sánchez, chancellor of Veltis Rating and director of Real Estate of BDO; Ignacio Sandoval, Full Professor of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and director of Hotel Consulting at IHP; Susana Rodríguez, consultant director of Aguirre Newman and Lourdes Ivón Rodríguez, PhD in Project Management and Professor of European Institute, specialising in real estate risk management.


The focus of the day is eminently practical and open to the interrelation between assistants and speakers.

more VELTIS News®


EIREA Institute®

In the “Architecture Week", held at the Official College of Architects of Madrid [COAM], EIREA Institute®  gave a Lecture on September 30, 2013, entitled: “ THE ARCHITECT ANALYST OF REAL ESTATE RISKS, AND EXPERT IN REVALORIZATION OF ASSETS, A PROFESSIONAL ALTERNATIVE OF THE FUTURE”.


> Conference at the School of Surveyors of Tarragona
EIREA Institute®

On September 18, 2013, at the School of Surveyors and Technical Architects of Tarragona, there was a lecture given, by the Delegate of EIREA Institute® in Catalonia, entitled: “ THE ANALYST OF REAL ESTATE RISKS AND REVALORIZATION OF ASSETS, A PROFESSION OF THE FUTURE”.


“EIREA  Corporation participates in the SIMA"

SOURCE: SIMA 2015 http://simaexpo.com
SIMA 2015 International Real Estate Exhibition of Madrid


> "The sector in front of the mirror"

Source: SIMA 2015 http://simaexpo.com
SIMA 2015 International Real Estate Exhibition of Madrid
Edition: 17
Date: from 7 to 10 may 2015
Place: Feria de Madrid. Pabellón 6

Week of reflection on the present and the future of the sector in our country. On Tuesday 5, the Real Estate Conference Madrid 2015 analysed challenges in the context of recovery of real estate activity. Three main conclusions to be retained.
First: that 2015, in the words of the chairmen of Asprima, will be a " magnificent year ”.
Second: the  need for fewer obstacles, a better citizen participation, and more intensive use of urban projects .
And third: financing must be based on prudence and viability .

On Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6, the II Forum on Investment in the Spanish Real Estate Markets deepened the opportunities of new businesses, derived from the improvement of the economic perspectives of our country. Also, three other conclusions to take into account:
First: that the banking sector will again a relevant role in real estate financing .
Second : that the investors demand stability to consolidate the recovery.
And third: that SOCIMIs constitute alternative financing that has come to stay.

Also a week of recognition of the work well done by the ASPRIMA-SIMA2015 Awards , the most prestigious awards in the Spanish real estate sector, which on May 7 gathered at the headquarters of COAM all its main figures.

And at last, week reserved for the big event in the sector: the International Real Estate Exhibition in (SIMA), which for four days has confirmed that the recovery of demand, is no longer a wish, but a reality. And undivided opinion through all the exhibitors: the desire to buy have returned .

The fair, and its Professional Program were not the only protagonists of last week. On Tuesday, the National Institute of Statistics cast some shadow over recovery, or at least, warned that it is not as consistent and linear as it should be.
Although transactions  rose 2,1% in March, this is the lowest percentage in recent months. However, the sector seems to be satisfied with the evolution of the market, as reflected in the opinions contained in an illustrative article published by El País: “Housing takes up the step ”.

Two information gathered this week seems to be confirmed. On the one hand, the stronger emerge of off-plan purchase, is an indisputable indicator of the confidence in a sector and its activity. And on the other, that the BBVA has under consideration offers to raise up to 2.000 houses .

For its part, the Bank of Spain, in its Financial Stability Report  released on Thursday May 7, reported that the bank, still has real estate worth 83.409 million of euro. In June of 2013 the value of its portfolio was 73.000 million.


The price of housing begins the 2015 falling by 8,40% 

Source: pisos.com

...second-hand housing in Spain has recorded an average price of 1.553 euros per square meter in January of 2015. Compared with the same month last year, the fall reached -8,40%, while the decrease compared to December of 2014 is  -0,35%. The long awaited stabilisation of the indicators that measure the activity of the real estate market, its the sector's challenge in 2015....[read more]


> “International Investment Funds on the Spanish International Market”_SIMA 2014



In recent months activity in the Spanish real estate market has been showing particular dynamics due to the numerous movements, carried out by Spanish companies and international funds. Investor appetite is undoubtedly taking off.

SIMA and the Information Management Network (IMN) presented the forum “INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT FUNDS IN THE SPANISH REAL ESTATE MARKET”, whose first edition was held on 28 and 29 May in the framework of SIMA 2014. The event was attended by the most important international investment funds and the main national operators (financial entities, developers, public administrations, consultants, asset managers, restructuring specialists, law firms and others), to identify opportunities in a scenario of progressive stabilisation of the sector in Spain.

Thanks to IMN's deep and close relationship with the main international investment funds, and to SIMA's knowledge and relationship with the real estate sector in Spain, the event was an excellent tool to generate business opportunities among all participants.
EIREA Corporation® was present in the forum through its chairman Ricardo Antuña, [who appears in the top photo the first on the right].



> SIMA 2014: moderate optimism about the evolution of the real estate sector

Source: SIMAEXPO.com


In the last months, different factors indicate lthat the real estate market begins to glimpse a less negative panorama. The feeling that prices are reaching the bottom in certain areas, and the evident interest of foreign investors, are joining a change of trend in the outlook for the economy as a whole, started from this 2014.
However, the sector is still weighed down by the production of new homes at low levels, a high unemployment rate, and low funding, are the factors that invite moderation of optimism….
[read more]


> The time has come to invest in the real estate sector

Source: expansion.com

The brick sector is a hive of opportunities that offers annual returns of up to7%. The most successful are the houses in the most selected areas of large cities and well located offices…[read more]


>Latin American Fortunes target the Spanish real estate sector to invest 3.000 millon Euros 

Source: expansion.com

The great Latin American fortunes have been launched to reconquest Spain.
In a new world, in which the tables have changed, and the emerging countries generate wealth, while the West is holding it hard, the great fortunes of Latin America, whose wealth is close to 4 trillion dollars [2,9 trillion euros], have set eyes on Spain.
 recent months, several enterpreneus have closed draft operations in Spanish territory. The last, from a list that is expected to be long, was led by the Mexican group Sigma Alimentos, which launched a takeover bid on all Campofrío shares for around 700 million on Thursday. According to market sources, important Latin American family offices are hovering around Spain. Quadrant, controlled by the Columbian family Santo Domingo, could have shown interest in buying of Sotogrande in NH. And Quilvest, which manages the seven generations of the family of Argentine origin Bemberg [founder of Quilmer beer], would also be considering operations in Spanish territory. According to Fernando López, Citi Private Bank's general manager and global market manager for Spain, Italy, Portugal and Latin America in the EMEA region [Europe, Middle East and Africa], “the great Latin American fortunes are going to be the biggest investors in Spain, ahead of other nationalities”. Investors from China, Singapore and Russia are the most active in buying real estate in prime sectors of the world, according to a Knight Frank report. The Citi excecutives, who is responsible for customer service with a minimum financial assets of seven million euros, acknowledge “not to stop advising Latin American investors interested in taking positions in Spain, an activity that has quadruplicated in Citi throughout this year”. It is estimates, that “in the next 18 months, they could invest between 2.000 and 3.000 million of euro in our country, especially in the real estate sector, but also providing financing to well diversified consumer, or infrastructure companies, acting as if it were a venture capital”. The manager's optimism regarding a potential money inflows from South America is based on, “Spain is receiving 60% or 70% of the interest of large fortunes in Europe, and we believe the interest will materialise in operations”.


>International Investment Funds

Source: expansion.com

The net worth of national investment funds grew 1,91% in the first 20 days of September, to 146.782 million euros, according to the data published by VDOS Stochastics. In these 20 days of the month, the national funds received 847 million euros in net contributions, which added 1.9 billion from the profitability of the asset portfolios. Sectoral equity funds grew by 7,62%, equivalent to 1.158 million euros [186 million net contributions and 972 portfolio performance], although fixed income funds achieved the highest net funding of 738 million of euros. In terms of profitability, there were also equity funds, in this case Japan, the most profitable, with 10,52%, followed by international equity funds in Latin America with 9,41%. The category of alternative high volatility funds, on the other hand, suffered losses of 2.24%, while short term US fixed income securities offered their participants negative returns of 1,27%.
A contribution of capital to the Spanish real estate market, according to Knight Frank of around 14.000 million euros is expected.


>The vision of the Real Estate and Financial Sector on the development of the land

Source: expansion.com

The price of land increase by 2,3% in June compared to March.
The urban land market is still a desert, it only records balance and oportunistic transactions. In the second quarter of the year 3.828 land sales were closed throughout the State, 36% more than the previous quarter, but only 5,6% more than a year earlier, and in light years 23.324 of June of 2005, when the record was bitten. In June the price of the average urban square meter in Spain was paid at 161 euros, 2,3% more than last quarter, when it was at historical lows, according to the quarterly statistics of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. Also, the 280 euros per meter that were paid on average in Spain in 2007. The total volume of sales closed in the quarter, rose to 616 million, 24% more than in March, but 3,5% less than a previous year. The price of the land recovers slightly from its lowest level, but is still 17,4% below the values sold in June 2012 [195 euros/ square meter] and very far from the 285 euros/meter that were paid in June of 2007.


>Selling and Managing Real Estate Assets

Source: expansion.com

The bank has raised its real estate 'stock' by 3% more. The banking sector continues to gain its real estate portfolio, despite the fact that some entities have managed to slow the pace of incorporating assets into their balance sheet. Spanish financial institutions have assets awarded in debt payment [mainly empty houses, building under construction and land], for 39.226 million of euro as of June 30. This figure is the net book value [without the associated provision] and represents an increase of 3,02% with respect to the previous half, that is, December 2102. All groups have increased their portfolio in the period, except those, that in these six months has transferred the real estate risk to Sareb, the “bad bank”, such as Liberbank and BMN. Banks controlled by the FROB [Bankia, Catalunya Bank and NCG Bank] ceded their foreclosed assets to Sareb before, over the last year. Since then until the end of June, they have grown again in assets assigned, because the assets that have remained without yielding to Sareb, are the worst quality. Even so, their exposure is residual. Sabadell, BBVA and CaixaBank are the most awarded banks on their balance sheet, all above the 6.000 billion mark. Out of three, CaixaBank, has grown the most, 21%, far from the 3,29% of BBVA and 1,65% of Sabadell.


>The leasing market: One of the residential market solutions

Source: expansion.com

The price of housing for rent, rose by 0,9% in July. With this increase, it reaches an average value of 4,55 euro per square meter per month. As for the ranking of Autonomous Communities, with the average price of the lowest rental housing in July, Extremadura occupies the first position, making it the most economical community to rent a home. At the top of the table are the Basque Country, Madrid and Catalonia, whose average prices range from 9,75 €/m2 to 8,49 € /m2 per month.


>Mesures to flexibilise and promote the rental market


The new Rental Law, what changes does it bring? 
The new law seeks to correct the shortcomings of the current legislation by seeking the necessary balance between rental housing needs and the guarantees that must be offered to landlords. On June 6, Law 4/2013, of June 4, came into force of measures to increase the flexibility and promotion of housing rental market. The new Rental Law aims to to make a rental market more flexible in order to achieve the necessary dynamism, by seeking the necessary balance between rental housing needs and guarantees that must be offered to landlords for their availability on the rental market.


Source: RTVE2 Aquí hay Trabajo

09 of December of 2016.

Aquí hay trabajo

We are looking for professionals to join “RISK®MANAGEMENT NETWORK SPAIN” the First European Agency of Real Estate Rating (VELTIS) and to manage our branches in Spain.




Transparency in the real estate sector

Source: Observatorio Inmobiliario de la Construcción

Transparencia en el sector inmobiliario

October 2016 

First image of of the risk structure of a shopping centre and its linked rating 

With the aim of providing transparency to an overly opaque sector, from the first independent European rating agency (VELTIS Rating), has been able to identify and define the first structure of risks linked to a real estate asset, achieving it to provide the necessary transparency to one of the key sectors of the economy. 



[Read more]



VELTIS will lead the Big Data the Real Estate Rating

VELTIS is participating in one of the projects linked to Big Data for the public administartion “Smart Government”, more ambitious at European level. This project has an initial budget of 3.000.000 euros, and VELTIS participates in it leading the area of knowledge linked to Real Estate Rating, along with three technology companies and a land registry. Among theses companies is TECNOCOM, which is in the process of merging with INDRA, a company that will lead the European technology sector.


Different media have echoed this news :


ExpansionTecnocom lidera un consorcio que impulsa el 'Smart Government' para gestionar servicios públicos 

expansion.com, 21/12/2016, Digital, Economía , [View text] 


El economista Un consorcio liderado por Tecnocom desarrolla una plataforma de Big Data para administraciones públicas 

eleconomista.es, 21/12/2016, Digital, Economía , [View text] 


EuropaPress Un consorcio liderado por Tecnocom desarrolla una plataforma de Big Data para administraciones públicas 

 europapress.es, 21/12/2016, Digital, Finanzas - Economía , [View text] 


Finanzas Economía.- Un consorcio liderado por Tecnocom desarrolla una plataforma de Big Data para administraciones públicas

 finanzas.com, 21/12/2016, Digital, Economía , [View text] 


Cuatro Tecnocom lidera un consorcio que impulsa el 'Smart Government' para gestionar servicios públicos 

cuatro.com/noticias, 21/12/2016, Digital, Actualidad / Última Hora , [View text]


telecincoUn consorcio liderado por Tecnocom desarrolla una plataforma de Big Data para administraciones públicas 

informativostelecinco.com, 21/12/2016, Digital, Actualidad / Última Hora , [View text]


VELTIS-Observatory (Observatorio)



VELTIS and one of the leading magazines of the Spanish real estate sector THGE REAL ESTATE OBSERVATORY (El OBSERVATORIO INMOBILIARIO), come to a collaboration agreement, publishing VELTIS as the First European Real Estate Rating Agency, in all its magazines a particular article, on Risks and Real Estate Rating, and organising two management days per year, for the managers of the main sector companies.

With the collaboration of the training program “REAL ESTATE & BUILDING RISK MANAGEMENT” of the TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MADRIID jointly imparted by the Higher Technical School of Architecture and Building and by the European Institute of Real Estate Risk Management. In addition to entities of recognised prestige, related to the real estate sector.

>Directive Conferences:


 Programa Jornada Riesgos           El promotor ante el riesgo inmobiliario




 Portada Observatorio Inmobiliario septiembre octubre  Inmodiario Noviembre Diciembre  Inmodiario enero febrero 2017

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El análisis basado en el Riesgo se impone en la nueva promoción inmobiliaria

30 de Marzo en Madrid, Jornadas directivas "El promotor ante el riesgo inmobiliario"

La táctica del avestruz no es la apropiada para conseguir el éxito en un proyecto inmobiliario

El riesgo, la clave competitiva del nuevo sector inmobiliario

Primera imagen de la estructura de riesgos de un centro comercial y su rating vinculado 






Spanish Association of Construction Management

Source: AECMA Asociación Española de Construction Management

AECMA Entrevista Javier Amenedo

December 2016 

First image of the risk structure of a shopping centre and its linked rating 

The consideration of the Risk should be a fundamental pillar in the project management and of course, also in the real estate sector. Effective management must necessarily address risk management, and this cannot be achieved without an in-depth analysis of risk management at each stage of the project.

[Read more]



> VELTIS Rating Introductions

In the past few months we have introduced the First European Independent Agency of Property Rating (VELTIS RATING®) in several cities in Spain. 

At the moment, we are in the process of of introducing network of the Agency's professionals throughout the national territory. The aim, is to provide with the service new national and international entrants of the real estate sector .

We offer a new professional alternative, that is recognized by the most important Spanish academic institutions, such as, "The Technical University of Madrid and IE Business School"; Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness; European Community, with the award of the "Smart Government" project, to manage assets and urban planning within European public administration. That would be available to limited professionals only. 


Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Valladolid

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Official Association of Quantity Surveyors, Technical Architects and Construction Engineers in Tenerife

Presentacion BarcelonaGran Canaria

Official Association of Quantity Surveyors, Technical Architects and Construction Engineers in Gran Canaria


Official College of Architects Burgos


Official College of Architects Sevilla

Palma de Mallorca

Official College of Architects Balearic Islands


Official Association of Surveyors, Technical Architects and Surveyors of Barcelona


> Update RISK Certificate

Last 28th of May in Madrid, had a place the update of RISK©Certificate of all the analysts who are members of the VELTIS Rating Agency.

Thank you for joing us.




The attendees comments...

"The update meeting became a significant milestone in the initial operation of VELTIS, placing value on introducing the working method, as well as appreciating an effort of each branch setting. It is now, when the Agency is reaping the rewards of an effort on its constant training process made during these recent years, and is putting on the market a powerful, unbeatable application." Asier Alonso



VELTIS Rating®



The Madrid 2014 Property Conference is being held under the programme of Salon Inmobiliario de Madrid (SIMA), and it provides all the attendees with justified and realistic analysis of the current situation as long as the scenario for the following years.VELTIS Rating was there on May 27th with the lecture of its Chairman Ricardo Antuna, (in the picture with the moderator of the forum).

The programme was divided into three sections:


1) The relevation of the real estate sector in the overall economy, through the study prepared and introduced at the Conference by the Institute of Economic Studies


2) The description of the Housing price formation based on the analysis of the producion factors, with proposals for constructing more affordable houses, consistent with purchasing power and the true indeptedness ability of the buyers.


3) The most probable scenarios and timelines of the new cycle, supply and demand forecasts, and prices.


The development of the Conference sessions relied on the team of experts of the different fields (financial analysis, urban planning, funding, taxation, supply, demand, price formation), and on the display of different points of view regarding the current situation as well as long and short term perspectives.





> How to analyse the property risk?

Source: Metros2




The main purpose of UPM EIRisk in Real Estate & Building Management program is to train new experts of the market, titled property risk analysts.


The training begins to start from 07th of October of 2016, until 14th of June of 2017, covering the full period of the academic year.


Como analizar el riesgo inmobiliario

Master UPM Metros 2 















> VELTIS Rating, european supervisory body introduced in Sevilla

Source: Europa Press

VELTIS Rating, the first independent European supervisory institution associating risks in the property sector, would be introduced in Sevilla. Companies, public administration, professionals, investors and ordinary citizens, would be served by the agency provided with the unique tools designed specifically for the decision making process and the overall risk. The Agency is able to determine the risk structure and the value of any property asset ...

[Read more]

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