VELTIS means to improve or to optimise in Greek.

The objective of VELTIS is to establish a rule-based protocol for the decision making process associated with property investing based on the risk to improve the conventional method of analysing - which is not based on risk, and to provide the sector with a significant qualitative leap that prevent risks and optimises the decision making process. 

> Our role is to provide one of the most non-transparent sector, the real estate sector, knowledge and transparency based on the risk. For this, we provide the investors and sector operators, the only Property Rating Tool enables relate risks linked to bond investment, shares, funds, etc., with the risks inherent in investing with assets and portfolios of real estate assets. (An investment in shares of a company which Rating is AA+, is comparable to an investment in real estate asset with the same Rating AA+). We now have the first tools for analysis and management of property risk.

> The value of Ratings

Using of Rating is good value for our clients. For many investors and managers of assets and real estate portfolios the rating is a key element when taking decisions on investment or disinvestment. The rating provides reliable, globally comparable opinions about the investment risk. The rating of VELTIS helps to expand the investment and disinvestment horizons, providing an important transparency to the process at the same time.

> More access to the capital markets 

The widespread use of the property rating, will increase the confidence of the potential buyers and contribute to a more effective merchandising of the assets. On the international capital markets, the rating, is in fact, its business card, that enables the access to the markets where the estate asset situation is little known or where the investors may not be familiar with specification of the real estate assets of a particular country.


The credibility of our ratings allows an investor, as well as an owner of the assets, for a very detailed and transparent information that provides confidence. It also allows for an access to financing with mortgage-backed securities on better terms, or boost the confidence in the capital markets.