Selection criteria



VELTIS®: First European Agency of Property Rating

The students with the corresponding RISK© accreditation, will be able to develop professionally with the First European Agency of Property Rating VELTIS®. The students of each grade, will be able to request the incorporation to the Agency and once accepted, after a specific training in charge of VELTIS®, they will be able to obtain the RISK©Management homologation, that posses all the rating managers operating throughout Spain.

VELTIS® establishes strict selection criteria for the candidates to be able to belong to our Network of professionals at national.

 1.- To have a university education and the training that accredits it as RISK© , training provided by EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF REAL ESTATE RISK MANAGEMENT  and the TECHNICAL SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AND BUILDING of TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY of MADRID, and to be a member of eiRISK ALUMNI®.

 2.- Have the RISK®Management accreditation, or pass a very strict internal training process, is to be able to work with the analytical system developed by the Agency. The goal is to have the best records and the best qualified analysts. Once the internal training is completed and approved, it is certificated by RISK©Management accreditation, being able to belong to our network of professionals.

 3.- The real estate risk analysts that make up the Agency team, comply with the following requirements, which have been marked to ensure that the groups of the Network are involved in RISK©Management accreditation with commitment and seriousness, with a professional training and experience that Guarantee the maximum overall performance of their work: Master Degree or Bachelor Degree. Academic record [30%]: assessed according to the final grade obtained. Complementary training in areas of the Real Estate sector [20%]: valued by the number of hours and qualifications obtained. Work and Professional Experience [20%]: described in the Curriculum Vitae, work life report and professional personal references. Personal Interview [30%].

 4.- We consider that continuous training is essential for a good professional development, so we carry out courses and training days for the constant updating of knowledge, since an analyst who is not subject to continuous training, can make mistakes that can affect quality of our reports,. For that reason, the internal training and exceeding the established level is mandatory. Every two years, an evaluation board of EUROPEAN INSTITUTE® issues a qualification according to the performance of the specific test of knowledge updating, organised by eiRISK ALUMNI®, as well as an evaluation of professional career in order to keep the RISK®Mangement accreditation updated.