What is a Rating

What is a Rating or Real Estate Rating

A Real Estate rating or classification is an opinion related to the probability of generating real estate profitability that a territory, development or real estate asset has, issued using an established and defined classification system, which provides transparency and confidence to national and international operators .

The real estate market must be efficient and fair for all its operators. A real estate risk rating agency plays an important informational role in this market. VELTIS® Rating provides independent opinions in the form of a real estate rating, related to the trust that the real estate sector can provide at the country, autonomous community, province, city, district, neighborhood, asset or development level.

So the real estate rating allows to determine the risk assumed when making a real estate investment and thus be able to assess whether the interest offered is reasonable according to the risks to be assumed.


Credit Rating: Determines the probability that a company or a country has of default on its issued debt, taking into account credit risks.

Real estate rating: Determines the probability that a real estate asset has of generating real estate profitability, taking into account real estate risks.