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This legal notice includes the general conditiones governing acces and use of this Website [ http://www.veltisrating.com], hereinafter "the Web", which is a property of EIREA ANALYTICS S.L. C.I.F.  B-70399753, Calle Roberto Tojeiro nº1, Entresuelo A y B, 15009, A Coruña, Galicia; hereinafter VELTIS RATING®and made available for the users of Internet. The use of the Web implies the full acceptance of these conditions of use. This does not exclude the validity of particular conditiones that could be applied to the specific serviices of the Website and/or might be aplicable in the future.

Protecion of Personal Data
In accordance with the current ligislation on data protecion, as well as with the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Law, if necessary, the user accepts that personal data supplied at the time of registration, or any other provided to VELTIS 
RATING® for the access to any or all of its Web services, will be incorporated into files belonging to VELTIS RATING®,in order to facilitate the provision of services requested, for the correct identification of users requesting personalised services on "the Web", to accomplish statistical studies of the users registeres on http://www.veltisrating.com for the improvment of the services provided, to faciilitate the managing of the basic administration tasks, such as keeping you informed, via email or by any other way, about the news, products, services,and activities related to the Training Programm. In the case of commercial correspondence via email, or equivalent means, the user expressly agrees to recieve publicity through such means and, in any case, the "commercial" advertising that could recieve would be exclusively, from associated companies, sponsored entities, and postgraduate associates.
VELTIS RATING® guarantees the safety and confidentiality of all personal data provided; it agrees to respect its obligation to protect personal data and adopt all all possible measures to avoid alteration, loss, or unauthorised access, in accordance with terms of Constitutional Law 15/1999, 13 December, of Personal Data Protection, and other applicable legislation.
The questions included in every form are voluntary, except of those marked with a star [*] which are mandatory. In case of not answering  to the mandatory question, the application is incomplete, therefore it would not be possible to process it.
The user, will in any case, be responsable for the truthfulness of the data provided with the VELTIS RATING® 
reserving the rights to exclude frrom the registered services any user who has provided false information, without prejudice of any other legal action.
The user will at all times be entitled to access, correct, erase or contest data that he has provided by writting to  EIREA
ANALYTICS S.L. C.I.F.  B-70399753, Calle Roberto Tojeiro nº1, Entresuelo A y B, 15009, A Coruña, Galicia, indicating the right wishing to be excersised, together with a copy of his ID.

This Website contains links and hyperlinks to the other websites with services, activities or information which according to us could be useful and which contain does not breach the current legislation, and which can be visited by minors. In any ways, VELTIS RATING®
 shall not not assume any responsability whatsoever arising from the inclusion or contents of links third-party sites featured on the Web nor shall it guarantee that there are no viruses or other elements that may alter the user's computer system [hardware and software], documents or files, expressly disclaims all and any liability  and responsability  for any damage that the user can suffer.
 If You think that the contain is breaching any right, please write us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 
 as we could act with diligence to remove or disable the corresponding link. 

Intelectual Property
The whole content of this Web, the structure, design, and its source code is the property of VELTIS RATING®
, therefore it is forbidden copying, modifying, transforming, distributing or public communication of the Web without the prior consent of VELTIS RATING®, except in specific cases regulated by the current legislation.
All the contains of the Web are exclusively for personal, private, non profit user.
VELTIS RATING®  does not assume any responsibility derived from use of the Web content by thirds, accordingly, it may excercise the corresponding legal actions in case of incorrect use of data by the user.

Exclusion of liability 
The information contained in this Web is to facilitate the dissemination of the activities and services provided on the ocassion of Training Programms offered by VELTIS RATING®
, no responsibility is taken for the possible typying or numerical errors that may be present on the Web, nor for the accuracy of the information contained.
In any case, VELTIS RATING®
 reserves the rights to, modify or temporarly suspend the contain, configuration, technical specifications and Web service unilaterally, at any time and with no previos notice to the user.
VELTIS RATING® will not be responsable in any case, for the damages resulting from direct or indirect lack of reading of this notification, or  failure to comply with the obligations specified in it.

VELTIS RATING®, does not take responsability for  inappropraite use of the Web, its content and services - in a case - can not guarantee, even if its willing to, the certainity of its content. It is also not guaranteed the certainness of the advertisments of any good, product or service.
The information this Website contain has merely informative character. The policy of EIREA A
NALYTICS® is to make sure that the contents are up to date at all times, though it may happen, that they are not, nvertheless this can not assume any kind of responsability VELTIS®.
VELTIS RATING® reserves all the right to make whateve r changes, modifications, information update, settings, lay out, as well as the terms of use, that are considered necessary, at any time and without prior warning.
VELTIS RATING® takes no responsability for any failure in communication, does not guarantee the availability and continous functioning of the Website or its services –in this case - VELTIS RATING® does neither guarantee the absence of errors or interruptions in access to the Website and its content.
VELTIS RATING® will be impemented unless there are reasons that make it impossible or difficult to carry out and as soon as it is aware of the errors disconnections or lack of updating of these contents, all work necessary to rectify the errors, to re-establish communication, and to update the contents.

Responsability for information society 
VELTIS RATING®, as a provider of mediation services consistent for hosting data provided by the recipient, for instance, in an email service, shall not in any case be reponsable for the content or the information stored.
If it is a case, VELTIS RATING®
 has knowledge of the activity or information stored that is illicit or it harms assets or rights of the third, the users access would be blocked and the service providing stopped. It would act with diligency to remove the data and/or block the access to it. In the case that, you think that the content may violent any right , please write us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and like this we act with diligency to delete a harmful content.
It is understood, that VELTIS RATING®
has the actual knowledge of such situation when a competent authority declares unlawfulness of the data, hence instructing their withdrawal or preventing access to them, or if the existence of the damage has been declared, and that the user is aware of corresponding decision, without prejudice to screening procedures or contents applied in voluntary agreements removed and by means, that could be established.

The Access
There are certain areas of the Web that the access is restricted to authorized users by the ID and password. The rest of the users can visit and have an access to the public sections of the Web, one should never attempt to access the restricted areas, unless it has been expresely authorized by VELTIS® via an ID and a password.
The user takes responsability for privacy and using of the password, by means that, VELTIS RATING® takes no responsability for possible damages and loss to thirds. However, in the event of lost the password, one can contact
VELTIS RATING®on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to block the password and apply for a new one. This Web is using SSL [Secure Socket Layer] protocol so that the authorised users have an access to the restricted areas, establishing a connection transferring algorithmically coded data at a speed of 128 bits.

VELTIS RATING®, conscious of the risks deriving from facing new challenges that involve the extention of its service through the Internet, prepared the appropriate measures of security to reduce such risks.
For this purpose, there is no responsability taken for damage of any nature that might be due to the presence  of virus or other elements that can produce alterations in the computer system [software y hardware], electronic documents and or files of the user or thirds, including those that are produced in services provided by thirds through the Web.
The users should be aware that the use of electronic systems for the transmission of information and emails do not offer an absolute guarantee of security. The user and VELTIS RATING®
 mutually agree to be exonerated from any form of responsability derived from following occcurrences, no recieving the particular information or the delay in recieving of this information, as well as the failure in communications.