Network of Professionals

Belong to our Network of Professionals in Spain

>Belong to our network of professionals:  in VELTIS® we bet for your professional and personal development. We bring a culture of partnership and continuous training. You are the only one that marks the limit within the Agency. How far do you want to get?

VELTIS® strives to add each day to your professional growth. Belonging to our network will allow you, to share projects and experience with the best professionals in different areas, as well as develop your career with the best, enriching you professionally and personally. Our network of professionals is formed by experts in different disciplines capable of helping you in your professional training process. 

National Mobility

The high specilaization and the presence of VELTIS® in the national territory, allows the professionals who work for the Agency to request a change of working group due to personal circumstances and professional preferences. 

The company offers a number of advantages through its flexible compensation plan, in order to make sure that all networking professionals are satisfied with their professional career, and, at the same time, respond to their personal needs. 

Professionals with the corresponding RISK®MANAGEMENT ACCREDITATION could count on professional development in VELTIS®, First European Rating Agency. 

Each professional who joins the Agency externally or internally, has a career and training plan designed to meet their objectives and those of the Agency. Therefore, after a specific internal training, you will be able to belong to your network of professionals and obtain the RISK©MANAGEMENT Accreditation, with all its Risk Managers operating within the Spanish geography for VELTIS®

> EUROPEAN INSTITUTE REAL ESTATE RISK MANAGEMENT [Instituto Europeo de Gestores de Riesgos Inmobiliarios], is the only entity in Spain accredited to obtain the RISK©MANAGEMENT ACCREDITATIONS, which qualify to be able to belong to the Network of professionals of the Agency, and carry out works developed by VELTIS®

> Salary estimated by Michael Page for the sector: Risk Analysts 35.000 a 45.000 €/year more variable, Senior Analyst 45.000 a 65.000 €/year more variable, Analyst Directo 60.000 a 100.000 €/year more variable.  

Data extracted from: Renumeration Study 2016, Michael Page International, leading specialist recruitment consultant